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5 BASIC Tips to Keep Healthy Hair

5 BASIC Tips to Keep Healthy Hair
06 Aug

hey guys welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm going to show you five healthy hair tips for this summer we all want to have healthy hair but the truth is keeping our hair away from damage is difficult but not impossible if you follow the simple haircare tips how should I wash my hair I know this sounds very simple but the way you wash your hair could change how healthy looks and how fast it could grow a year ago I stylish give me a great advice about the way you should wash your hair she said invest in a free sulfate shampoo and when you apply shampoo use her fingertips in cross-motion like this and then repeat this process at least three times before rinsing it blow me away that all these years I've been applying hair mask in the wrong way the correct way is – towel dry your hair before applying the hair mask so the mask won't fall off and you will actually be absorb correctly once you apply it let the hair mask to do its work for at least one minute hair mask application is the most important step to prevent your hair from future damage I absolutely recommend a hundred percent cold water treatment if you want to achieve shiny healthy hair for me this is now a haircare routine which consists in leaving your hair under cold water for ten seconds at the end of your shower this cold water treatment actually has helped my hair to keep moisture and reduce a lot of the oil production on my scalp now it's time to learn towel dry technique most important rule don't rub your hair against the towel the best way is to gently Pat your hair with a towel to avoid breaking it now that it's summer I completely take advantage of drying my hair with natural air I apply some hair serum and then I just let my hair to completely air dry for one day it takes some to remember this hair care tip but keep it in mind if you want to have healthy hair you have to stop brushing your hair after shower if you forget to in this step before shower only brush wet hair with a wide tooth comb to prevent breaking and damaging your hair guys thank you so much for watching this video is very special to me because I have one year on being on YouTube and this is the first time one of our subscribers requested a video that means a lot to me thank you all for the support and I'll see you next time Pura Vida!


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