Eczema Update: Jan 2018! Dupixent, Favorite Skincare & Tips

Eczema Update: Jan 2018! Dupixent, Favorite Skincare & Tips

Hey friends! Sorry for this insanely long video…lol it’s just been so long!!! I’ve been on the Duplimab since August 2, 2017 and it’s definitely took a little bit of time to see improvement. Thank you to anyone who has sent a loving message or comment to me, I appreciate and love all of you! Sometimes it is hard to respond to everyone so I apologize if I take a long time or don’t respond. Life has been crazy so I can be forgetful 🙂
Love you guys! Stay strong!

Eczema FAQ:
-Do you still use steroid creams? I do use them on my body maybe once a week or every two weeks depending on the condition of my skin. When I have acrylic nails on I don’t ever need steroids because my skin isn’t bad at all. I use Protopic on my face.
-What is your favorite primer/foundation for your skin? I have found that Too Faced RX Hangover Primer works really well. For foundation I like to switch it up but some that I’ve used and love are L’Oreal Pro Glow, L’Oreal Lumi, Tarte Rainforest of the Sea (less hydrating & less coverage, better for when skin is looking really good) ——————————————————————–

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