Let’s Sew – Scarf Fashion Tips – Episode 10

Let’s Sew – Scarf Fashion Tips – Episode 10

As winter approaches, this episode covers various ways in which to wear a scarf so you can choose which looks best on you.

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Our educational sewing home page. — http://www.silhouettepatterns.com

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Peggy Holds a degree in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising from Brigham Young University. As a mother to four sons, Peggy spends her time divided between teaching and creating new patterns for Silhouette Patterns, a line of contemporary patterns available to the home sewer. During her career she has taught college courses in pattern drafting and design. She professionally drafts patterns for individuals and manufacturers all across the country ranging from golf apparel to black tie performances. In addition to apparel designs, Peggy has designed the patterns of the costumes worn by the Mens Olympic Figure Skating Gold Medalist, Elvis Stojko.

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