Natural Beauty Tips Part -9

Natural Beauty Tips Part -9

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In this video i will tell you about

Natural Beauty Tips Part -9

In this video, we will discuss 20 beauty tips for Pigmentation.

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Pigmentation is a skin problem, in which you have to deal with spots on the face.


The main cause of pigmentation is the incensement of Melanin.


Another reason is Hormone Imbalance.


During pregnancy it can be seen.


It can be genetic.


Natural remedies can be more effective in this type of skin problems.


Mash Potato with cucumber juice and apply it on face.


Take Multani soil and mix honey in it apply it on the face.


Mix sandal powder with aloe Vera gel. Apply it on face.


You can apply any of this at one time.


You have to remember some precautions too. Please watch full video.


Take a lot of water , minimum 12 glass per day.


Do not go into sunlight directly, cover face.


Remove make up from face before going to bed.


Do not use cosmetics products.


Use Vitamin E oils, it can reduce spot.


Use this remedy daily for best result.


Do not rub your face with towel after washing your face.


This remedies are 100% natural, with no side effects.


Apply this remedies night time because you have not to face sunlight at that time.

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