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Produk untuk Jerawat dan Bekas Jerawat | Instagram Q&A | Skincare 101

Produk untuk Jerawat dan Bekas Jerawat | Instagram Q&A | Skincare 101
08 Aug

Ok now we continue But maybe we move from Vitamin C Are there Novexpert products that can help get rid of acne? I will answer a little technically We have two types of zits The first is retentional acne For example white topped pimples And you have inflammatory acne, very red Bigger pimples, ok? For now, if you have the first type of acne, retentional acne All you can use is Vitamin C foam Add exfoliator, and also peeling night cream and a little Vitamin C Booster yes this can help This is not an anti-acne series, but it can help For inflammatory acne, very red pimples For now, we have no products But we will have next year, a series of specific products for inflammatory acne Wow, this is good news Can you repeat the names of the products? Ok the product is Vitamin C foam Exfoliator, because this works with enzymes and also mechanically Peeling night cream, only at night and also Vitamin C Booster And for people who have acne I have a little advice Try to avoid sugar Also try to avoid milk Because some publications show the relationship between food and acne, very new publication Do meditation Because the more you stress, the more sebum is produced by your pores Wow ok interesting So meditation can also help and lastly, exercise sweating because it will cleanse your skin too So this is an unusual, but useful suggestion So we don't only use products on the skin But you also have to do something to change your lifestyle too So true Because we're talking about peeling night cream Many people ask, how do you use the correct peeling night cream? How often, how long and can it not be used when there are pimples? First of all, please don't use peeling formula if you want to go to Bali and will heat up under the sun, forget it So if you are using skincare peeling products on your facial skin You must make sure that you will not heat in the sun Five minutes, it's still okay for ten minutes But do not heat up for an hour Secondly, you must use peeling night cream at night Don't during the day, ok? Because of the sun again, and others The third suggestion, do not use it in the area around the eyes And finally, if possible try using four consecutive weeks, after that, stop Every day for four weeks? Every night, for four weeks and after that you can stop and apply again after stopping for a month or two So when you are spotty or breakout Yes, you can use it, because it is for retentional acne or pimples that appear because you have excess dead skin cells this product can help eliminate it so you can continue to use What about acne scars? Are there Novexpert products that can help get rid of acne scars? Ok, we're simple You have 2 types of acne scars The first, which we refer to as "jeglongan" on the skin Like a small hole The second type of acne scars is like hyperpigmentation Not hyperpigmentation, but a bit similar Let's talk about hyperpigmented acne scars For that, I recommend peeling night cream in the evening and during the day, Vitamin C Booster Why? Because peeling night cream will remove dead skin cells and during the day Vitamin C will penetrate into areas that experience hyperpigmentation It will take time, honestly You will only see the results after about 3 months One month peeling night cream, stop for a month And start again for a month Well for the former that is like a small hole This is even more difficult And I want to be honest with people Skincare for acne scars like that For new scars, Vitamin C and Hyaluronique Booster will help If the scars have been for years Unfortunately, you have to go to a dermatologist to carry out a type of surgery So the peeling is very deep or even surgery So depends whether the scars are new or old hyperpigmentation or not I have used Vitamin C Booster and love the results But when I used Hyaluronique my skin looks dull How do you use Hyaluronique to get the best results? This depends on the type of skin If he has oily skin maybe the Hyaluronique booster cannot be absorbed because he has oil on his skin because of water-based Hyaluronic acid and if you join oil can not be absorbed by the skin And with Vitamin C, usually oily skin they really like Vitamin C Booster because it can be combined with oil and is very light so this is a combination of oil and water but if Hyaluronique is all water so maybe this is the reason why because he uses Hyaluronic acid and the product survives only on the surface of the skin and maybe oxidized so that the skin becomes dull? Yes, because he stays on the surface of the skin and not the Hyaluronic acid which is oxidized but the oil on the skin itself is oxidized So you don't recommend it for oily skin? No, I recommend only Vitamin C for oily skin In contrast, hyaluronic acid is very good for combination skin normal skin and dry skin For example, dry skin, because of air conditioning they usually have fine lines caused by dehydration well for this, hyaluronic acid is really good Oh yeah right, I use it and I really like it So isn't it true that peeling night cream will expire after 6 months? Are there plans to remove smaller packaging bottles? Yes, right Because we have a natural preservation system so our products can be used 3 years before opening and 6 months after opening we determine 6 months for two reasons not because of actual bacterial pollution But we estimate, because we only use natural active ingredients after 6 months, oxidation may occur and we want our products to give the best results Even with products with chemical content after six months some contents can decrease and its effectiveness also decreases so for these products, my advice for 6 months is maximum and for peeling night cream, for example we have calculated with the quantity you have, you can do 3 treatments by using it 1 month, 1 month, 1 month so if you use 1 month, keep stopping 1 month and you do it again 1 month You have enough products for 6 months That is all Ok, but for example, you really want to store the product for more than 6 months Ok, it can be stored in the refrigerator and can be stored for 9 months or even 1 year Some people ask Are all Novexpert products safe for pregnant and lactating women to use? This is a very interesting question Because usually, when a woman is pregnant they have thousands of questions And that's good, because they want to ensure the safety of their baby and also their own and their baby's health I will explain how it works To get rights to mention that a product is safe for pregnant women You must ask the toxicologist and this toxicologist will study the product the formula and the trials that have been carried out So there are several conditions to state that pregnant women can use your product The first condition, you must have done a trial which proves that your product is not photo toxic and not photosensitive because pregnant women are very sensitive to sunlight That's the first condition The second condition, is about allergies Toxicologist will ask you to issue from product formulas, 26 official ingredients which can trigger allergies this is a list made by Europeans so you cannot use these 26 ingredients and if you have done a hypoallergenic test even better, we've done it So this is the law after that, we consider making natural molecules which really can break down in your body it can be even better for pregnant women But that's what we really believe But from the legal aspect, it is very simple Non-phototoxic, non-photosensitive hypoallergenic and no allergen content and of course there are no hormones and you must write to state that this is safe for pregnant women So to conclude Novexpert product

Pregnant women can use it and even after giving birth You can also use it So can breastfeeding mothers do you? Very good Ok, this is a great relief One person, I'm sure this person is an animal lover Are Novexpert products cruelty-free? First of all, in Europe for a long time, all products should not be tested on animals That is the rule But sorry, so we do a trial to humans We're animals too anyway But we are animals who have consciousness But you have to know that Maybe this is a good opportunity Because many people don't know exactly when you make new skincare products you have to test it to the skin cell In vitro test After that you try to normal skin After that, you test it into very sensitive skin So we have 3 stages We conduct trials to very specific cells like in the eyes So with all of these trials nothing is done to animals because this is banned in Europe So it's really cruelty-free huh Yes, because we are skincare manufacturers and honestly, if it's medicine the story is different because if it's medicine they actually have to test animals Skincare is the opposite So I saved this question for the last Because at the beginning I said there were women and men because there are men who ask lots of talk about skincare for women what about us, men? What is a good skincare routine for men? First of all Is skincare for women very different from skincare for men? Is it different? Looks like I have to drop the urban legend again The answer is no Why? Male collagen is the same as female collagen The skin is more or less the same Of course, the thickness of the skin is different The sebum concentration is also different But because our product formula does not contain any hormones Men and women can use the same product It's just a texture problem The difference is that men are shaving Sometimes someone has pimples on their neck Some are very sensitive in that area too Be specific to men, sorry yes the women you have to wait a minute My advice is to apply peeling products after shaving Although the taste is a little sore because this contains acid If there are pimples on the neck after shaving, they must use an exfoliation product or peeling, for example exfoliator or peeling night cream They also have to shave downward, not upwards Men are lucky because they have more sebum than women and sebum is a good protection for wrinkles So my advice is for men to use skincare which is very light in texture and avoid oily texture and second It's just hmmm I will not say you should use a cleanser, because of course you must use a cleanser If you use a cleanser, you should use a stronger one at night and a very mild cleanser in the morning Don't deep cleansing your skin twice a day Too much Deep cleansing at night, which is mild in the morning What does it mean? Night foaming cleanser, yes Morning foaming cleanser? Avoid Better milk or micellar water And for men, it's the same And other products they can use Ok I will tell you the best-seller product for men Usually the first rank for men is Vitamin C Booster They really like that product They also really like Eye Contour I was shocked too These men are very sophisticated They like Lifting Vitamin C Eye Contour Why? Because the texture is gel and they really like gel texture and they also really like exfoliators from the Vitamin C sequence as well because it gives instant results because this removes dead skin cells So these men like strong formulas It means high concentration but with a light texture I still see Novexpert like an unisex brand huh? You are right We did say so So can I say that men's skincare brands are just marketing? I won't say that Maybe a series of skincare for men have lots of focus on specific textures which is favored by men And the fragrance! Yes right, the fragrance Must be fragrant manly Can't you use the scent of a rose? So true And the design It must be dark and strong Energy! But just between us outside of the fragrance You can use any skincare product So men, if there are good products that you like that are used by the wife or your boyfriend, maybe it's stolen With recommendations from me Ok it's done Thank you very much, Cyrille, for answering our audience questions I am sure they will be helped by this Thank you for the answers Thank you for your kindness and your hospitality And this is my first time in Indonesia and I was very impressed with kindness from people here So true This is a very friendly country and I am very impressed with your very technical questions They are scientists! Maybe scientists in the future! What I can tell you is they are smart consumers they want to know what they use on their skin and this is certainly a good thing and I feel Novexpert is a very good brand because you want to educate consumers Because we want you to be smarter consumers And we invite you to ask questions as much as possible to all brands, by writing an email Please do that And thank you for those who have provided independent free information and not marketing information We love it Thank you very much and hope you enjoy your time in Jakarta I would like to stay longer than planned


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