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SugarBear Hair Vitamins Review 🍭🐻 THE TRUTH

SugarBear Hair Vitamins Review 🍭🐻 THE TRUTH
06 Aug

check out the curly penny Amazon shop for all of my favorite products and merch! link down below in the description box Aren't you going to eat those Hey ya'll, so today I will be reviewing SugarBear Okay SugarBear hair vitamins

Okay, you see these little blue things They have taken over the Internet, okay? It's like a virus that has permeated into every social platform that there is Are you stalking me? It's like you're stalking me I'm gonna get a restraining order against you They did not send me this, this is not sponsored I bought this from their official amazon page, and the reason I bought it through Amazon Instead of their website is because I was gonna get two day shipping Since I have Prime, and the price was cheaper If you want to buy some I'll leave a link down below in the description box so first let's look at the ingredients

It contains vitamin A, C, D, E b6, folic acid, b12 and biotin It contains 5000 micrograms of biotin Which is the main vitamin for hair growth Some of the bears are really cute And then the other bears look like they were jumped by the other bears in the bottle, and their face is all smooshed in But the taste y'all, the taste These taste just like Scooby Snacks You know those blue Scooby Snacks That are so freakin amazing? It tastes just like that, and I just love it I think the fact that it's like this really good gummy candy sort of vitamin Helps you to remember to take them because when it's something like a bland pill, you're gonna forget Like y'all, I have such bad memory I forgot what I had for breakfast yesterday You want me to remember to take two pills a day? okay

And I thought the biotin mixed with the sugar, since it's like gummy candy, would break me out even more But y'all, it didn't break me out The fact that I've been taking biotin every single day for a month And this is what my skin looks like right now like, I'm shooketh My ankles are broke So now it is the moment of truth Kinda sounds like a novela, "el momento de la verdad" "Mujer de madera" I measured my hair exactly one month ago Let's look at that clip Put that down the middle of my cabeza Split this like that, you nam sayin And I'll grab the longest part of my hair I usually grab this piece of hair to measure everything That's the longest and thickest curl I got Let's go all the way down All right Right now it is at about 27 inches, a little Anywho, so let's just back up a little bit, so y'all can see my cute overalls I'm wearing my cute merch look at that

You wear your own merch? Yes, I like the design and the colors It's very aesthetic Okay, so I'm gonna to put this on the middle of my head All right grab the longest curl and just pull it all the way down Okay right there, which is almost 28 inches almost So it seems I achieved a little under one inch of hair growth and honestly Naturally, I get 3/4 of an inch of hair growth alone without any supplementation I've tried lots of hair growth supplements I've tried Hairfinity, liquid biotin, biotin capsules, hum nutrition And I honestly don't want to trash the brand I respect the brand, I respect their product, but this definitely Performed the least of all the hair growth supplements that I've tried Did it work? Yes

Is it the best? No I also think it's important to note that Everything works different on everyone I think that everything is worth a try If you're curious about it, get it Try it See how it works for you

I also think it's important to note that I got these from Amazon I didn't get these straight from the website, however, I did buy from SugarBear hair, from their verified Amazon page So technically there should be No difference between the two Personally, my favorite hair growth supplements thus far has been liquid biotin because this doesn't break me out This is administered Sublingually, which means under your tongue Our mouth has a very high amount of vasculature Which is very rich blood supply So it immediately absorbs into your bloodstream And you get the full dose When it comes to the absorption in your gut, a lot of the vitamin is broken down before it Even gets the chance to be absorbed

This gives me a minimum of one inch of hair growth per month So this is definitely my staple All right ya'll, so that was my review of SugarBear hair Let me know down below in the comments if you've ever tried it What was your experience? Do you want to try it? Comment, like and subscribe if you like what I'm doing here and comment down below What else you would like me to do/ discuss on this channel Thank you for watching, and I hope you have a great day byeeeee


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