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11 Aug

Headshot Tips – Makeup for Men?

Welcome back to headshot tips Today we're going to talk about makeup for men You're probably thinking do I really need makeup? The answer is probably not We're used to seeing men photographed without makeup so it's really not a big deal so just do your normal routine and you […]

11 Aug

Aveda Men + InsideHook | Haircare Tips for Thinning Hair

I paid $600 for fake Justin Bieber tickets Fake Justin Bieber tickets For fake Justin Bieber tickets I am a Belieber I'm a huge Justin Bieber fan [JAZZ MUSIC] So tell me about your hair My hair is pretty thin, I would say I'm trying to save it Well, I […]

11 Aug

Aveda Men + InsideHook | Grooming Tips for Clean Cut Hair

My confession is I like to embrace my inner diva [CHUCKLING] [MUSIC PLAYING] With your cut, I like the shape I'm going to go in, and I'm going to just really just take some weight out I'm going to keep your neckline a little more cleaner because your look is […]

11 Aug

Aveda Men + InsideHook | Tips for Thinning Hair

I paid $600 for fake Justin Bieber tickets My hair is pretty thin I would say I'm trying to save it This is the Invati Men Shampoo I'm just going to use a little bit And this is the Scalp Revitalizer, and I just do like these kind of circles […]

11 Aug

3 Tips for mens hair care

Hey guys, Sofia Pastro here! In this video, in honor of father's day coming up in a couple of weeks, I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about some tips for men's hair So, if you want a little bit more information about that then keep watching! […]

11 Aug

Top 10 tips on makeup in rainy weather | Best Rainy Day Beauty Tips

May is in the court, which means that it is time for the brightest makeup? But, apparently, in the midst of spring we sometimes have rain, and even snow in some places! Yes, life is pain, especially if you are a girl who used to walk around with makeup So […]

10 Aug

Flower Beauty Foundation Review | Oily Skin

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today I wanted to do a review of the flower beauty light illusion foundation and I am in the shade porcelain L1 first I wanted to show you how this foundation applies this is my skin with nothing on it I use three […]

10 Aug

Men’s Grooming Tips | Kiehl’s x Nick Wooster

Hi, my name is Nick Wooster My advice for guys thinking about changing up their look is to consult an expert and today I'd like to introduce you to Charly McCoy, who is a Master Barber with Kiehl's So what are some of the things you need to consider if […]

10 Aug

Homemade Night Cream For Fairness & Glowing Skin//Permanent Skin Lightening Cream/Skin Care Tips 😱

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10 Aug

** SUMMER Makeup Tips & Ideas 2018 ** Beauty Transformation Video Tutorials Instagram Compilation 1

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