Sunday, 16 December 2018

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11 Aug

Makeup for Older Women: How to Apply Bring Back Brow Shape

So brows are difficult when you're older, they're often quite straggly and they're not sometimes a very good shape Linda actually has nice eyebrows and they're quite dark still But if yours are quite fair and, as I said, they're sparse or straggly then you'll find the Brow Shape an […]

10 Aug


hey guys welcome to today's video today we are going to talk about three simple steps to getting the best faux glow ok guys so right off the bat i have to say the best prevention is to stay out of the sun for skin damage but that leaves you […]

10 Aug

Makeup for Older Women: How to Use Shadow & Lip Brush 5

So when you've applied your lip prime, you're ready now to put on some lipstick – we call it lip colour We've got eight shades in the range Four of them suit people with warm tone skin and four of them suit people with cool tone skin Linda is actually […]

10 Aug

Makeup for Older Women: How to Use Powder/Bronzer Brush 1

So bronzer is a wonderful product if you just want to add a glow to your face Maybe it's summertime or even in the winter time if you think your face needs that extra sun-kissed look that you can get from adding a bronzer So using our powder brush number […]

10 Aug

How to Fix Hair Problems : Fixing Oily Hair

Hi, I'm Amelia, and on behalf of Expert Village, I'm here to talk about troubles that you have with your hair Now the best way to get rid of oily hair obviously is to wash it Well let's say you get up late for work and you don't have time […]

10 Aug

Shaving Tips for Men: How to Shave Your Face | Gillette Fusion ProShield

Whether you're shaving for the first time or you're a pro, we have some tips on how to get a smoother, more comfortable shave First, hydrate to minimize nicks, cuts, and irritation Hydrating softens your hair, allowing the razor to glide more easily Use a facial scrub or wash to […]

10 Aug

How to Remove Pimple Marks w/Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream | Review #OFT2D

Hi guys! Welcome to our channel OFT2D and I'm Sonakshi This video is a review video In which I'm reviewing Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream which just came in the market and Arjun Rampal is in it's Ad I've been using this cream for the pas 3-4 weeks and […]

10 Aug

MY SKINCARE UPDATE ROUTINE 2018 | how I keep my skin clear & healthy

10 Aug

How to Style Coarse/Curly Hair | My New Haircut!

Quick shout-out to Squarespace for sponsoring today's video Good morning guys, so for today we're gonna be doing a quick hairstyle update I have been getting tons of comments in my latest videos to show you guys what my new hairstyle is Basically I went from a very aggressive undercut […]

10 Aug

How To Shave Your Chest | Men’s Grooming Tips with Gillette STYLER & BODY Razor

Here are some tips on how to get a smoother, more comfortable shave for your chest, including skin prep, shaving, and equipment Whether you call it manscaping or body grooming, masterful body shaving is all in the technique But it also helps to have the right tools We recommend a […]