Sunday, 16 December 2018

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11 Aug

A Simple Everyday Routine For Dry Skin | Glamrs Skin Care

Skin during the winter can be a completely different asset, altogether! Our skin becomes scaly and dehydrated, eventually resulting in a complete loss of glow from our body Hi I’m Shruti, and today I’m going to share some invaluable tips on how you can take care of your skin and […]

10 Aug

We Swapped Hair Routines For 3 Days | Try This Challenge | Refinery29

Rahhhh! Hi, my name is Ashley And my name is Sloan And for the next three days we’re gonna be swapping hair products and routines And maybe I’ll take her dogs too So my hair is recently chopped off, super thick and dries straight I have thin hair It’s straight […]

10 Aug


hey guys welcome to today's video today we are going to talk about three simple steps to getting the best faux glow ok guys so right off the bat i have to say the best prevention is to stay out of the sun for skin damage but that leaves you […]

10 Aug

My Hair Care Routine || Hair Care Tips and Trixx || Ashtrixx

All of you asked for my hair care tips and tricks, right? So in this episode, I will clearly explain what I do to my hair I've been in the industry for fifteen to sixteen years That is my worst nightmare So, even after doing this for so many years […]

10 Aug

Negin Mirsalehi’s Nighttime Skin Care Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

This is Negin She's a beauty guru, she loves beekeeping and she just flew in from Paris Well actually I was just in Amsterdam This is Maurits, Negin's boyfriend I only pack the basics What? I said the basics Okay I'm starting off with my eye makeup remover pads I […]

10 Aug

MY SKINCARE UPDATE ROUTINE 2018 | how I keep my skin clear & healthy

10 Aug

Hair Fall Tips / Hair Care Routine By Myna Nandhini/ India 2018

Don't ask me if am going to share hair care tips with this hair I used to have lustrous hair But in my routine I'am exposed to hair spray and back combing daily It leads to hair fall This is the first reason I follow this only when i find […]

10 Aug


Oh guys I just love this lip oil by Clarins ooh before we go any further I need to put this on Oh my lips are so dry this feels so good mmm let's just drink some red Bull mmm Oh miss myself with some face mist this is gonna […]

10 Aug

Pack With Me – Travel Skincare Routine | Travel Essentials | Life Like Zoe

Today we are going to talk about how to maintain a good quality skincare routine while traveling Hi my name is Zoe and for those of you who have not seen my other packing videos, I have already extensively for work Which means I have pretty much gotten at my […]

10 Aug

Male Model Skincare Routine | Best Skincare Products For Men In 2018

hey guys have you ever wondered why some guys have really clean and clear skin and some guys just struggle a little bit well I believe it's got a lot to do with your skincare routine so I'm gonna give you my male model skincare routine with the best tips […]