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The Harsh Reality Of Losing Your Best Friend To Their Boyfriend

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The Harsh Reality Of Losing Your Best Friend To Their Boyfriend
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Have you ever formed your own “girl code”? You know, it’s the code that defines the moral guidelines of your “we are best-friends-forever” status that you’ll want to boast about all your life. Everything seems magical and fine when you’re with your BFF on a beach gulping that beer or sipping that glass of red wine. You have both made pinky promises that you will never let a man come between you both and you trust each other blindly on this. Why wouldn’t you? It’s the promise that’s between your best friend and you. But, do you think best friends keep this promise when they find someone who sweeps them off their feet? Hell no! Speaking from experience, I’ll tell you why.

My Best Friend And I

My Best Friend And I Pinit


Neha (my best friend) and I had our own vows of being the besties we had entitled each other with. For me, she was my person and nothing on earth would change that. Or so I thought. We were inseparable! We met almost every day and spent hours talking to each other and hanging out with each other. On the few countable days we couldn’t meet, we spoke over the phone. We went on vacations with each other’s family as well. And yes, we discussed our crushes before we bore our hearts out to our crushes. We obliged to our girl code where we’d agreed that we would never let a romantic relationship ruin our friendship. We had vowed to prioritize our friendship over any random guy who’d enter our lives.

I Admit I Was The Flirtatious One

I Admit I Was The Flirtatious One Pinit


Honestly, I was! I would go gaga over every other guy at the drop of a hat. And she stood there beside me warning me if he was a not-so-nice guy. She was like an anchor in my life keeping me grounded whenever I let my relationships overwhelm me. And every time we sat down discussing my love life, I’d tell her that I so wish she finds a guy soon and then we could go on fun double dates. For me, love happened once, twice, thrice, and then I just stopped counting (giggles). But for Neha, it never happened even once (sigh). On the other hand, my life revolved around three things — my best friend, me, and my flavor-of-the-week (wink wink).

One Day, Neha Met Someone

One Day, Neha Met Someone Pinit


Neha finally was in love for the first time in her life. She phoned me the moment she realized that cupid has struck her. Her happiness knew no bounds. I’d not met the guy in person. He seemed to be good enough in the pictures and I never doubted Neha’s choice because honestly, she was the smarter one amongst us. I was happy, really happy for her, but I didn’t think it would change my dynamics with her. See, I thought her guy will now enter my list of important friends. I’d started to imagine all the fun double dates that I’d talked about. And I saw myself standing beside her like an anchor now. I felt happy that she found what she was looking for and I was happy for myself because I could do all things I’d always wanted to with us and our boyfriends together.

But Things Weren’t Like I Had Thought It To Be

But Things Weren’t Like I Had Thought It To Be Pinit


At first, I was fine with certain things. I gave Neha the benefit of doubt, excusing her absence all of a sudden in my life thinking she was in this honeymoon phase of love. I took a step back thinking I should let her live those moments; after all, I’d lived them too. However, her replies to my text messages started dwindling. Then, the binge-watching of travel documentaries stopped. And then I wasn’t included even in her family brunches.

In the beginning, I cursed myself for having trusted her with our girl code. How could she? I’d never do that, I often thought to myself. Then I took some time off to think. And I realized that even I’ve done that. There were so many times I had called Neha only when I found my boyfriend’s phone to be busy. I had made her my second choice a lot of times that I couldn’t even remember of. I used to tag her along to my date just because I couldn’t take time off to meet her separately.

The Balance Isn’t Easy

The Balance Isn’t Easy Pinit


Sure, you know this by now. I set a bad example for her. I was the one in a relationship before she was and I taught her all the things that a friend shouldn’t do to her best friend. In the end, she did prove she was smarter than me. She didn’t force me to go on her dates. She took a completely different route altogether. She didn’t behave like me when I used to be dating a guy. She slowly pushed me away instead of making me go through what I made her go through.

Social media became a shrine for her relationship, and our pictures were slowly being pushed down in the feeds. I could have fought for my place in her life but I accepted that time has changed things between us now.

All I can say is I miss her terribly. I very fondly look back at all my memories with her. And I’m not complaining, I’m happy that she is happy. And we’ll make memories sooner or later again. I shall wait for her to understand that she has a best friend waiting for her. Until then, I will only keep wishing the best for her.


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